General Guidelines for getting the Most out of your Ink Cartridge

  1. The more you use the Cartridge, the more Benefits you will Receive

Any Cartridge with the Print Head into the Unit causes a Fast Drying Ink and thus the more Ink that is used; the more lubricated the Print Head, which is Beneficial.  Cartridges that Sit without being Used allow the Ink to Dry in the Print Head which Causes Problems.


  1. Do not use Cartridges when Empty or Dry

If your Ink Cartridge is Left Empty for more than 1 Hour, the Ink will Dry and Clog the Micro holes at the Outlet of the Printhead as this can Cause Damage to the Electronics in the Printhead which can render your Cartridge beyond Repair.  This can Result in Total Cartridge Failure, Dull Output, or Streaks in your Pictures or Print.


  1. When Bringing in your Empty Cartridges to Refill, please do not Place Tape over Printhead or the Electronic Stripping as this can Cause Damage.

Place your Cartridges Printhead Facing up in a Zipper Type Sandwich Bag with a Damp Folded Paper Towel in the Bag.  The Damp Paper Towel will help prevent the Cartridge from Drying out when it is out of your Printer.  Use a Separate Bag for each Cartridge (if possible).  If you have more than one Cartridge in a Bag, be Careful not to let the Copper Stripping on each one Touch.


  1. Whenever handling your Cartridges (whether empty or full) Try not to Touch the Electronic Stripping as this can also Cause Damage to the Cartridge.


  1. With Refilled Cartridges (once picked up) Try not to Leave them in an Extremely Hot or Cold Area. It is always best if they can be Taken Straight Home or to the Office and put directly into the Printer.  If not, they should be put into an Airtight, Sealed Bag for long Term Storage to help Prevent Evaporation and the Drying out of Ink in the Cartridge.